Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Book Shelf: Methuselah's Children by Robert A. Heinlein

Continuing my new found love of Robert A. Heinlein I finished Methuselah's Children this week and found it just a fantastic read. While this tale isn't anywhere near as quotable as The Cat Who Walks Through Walls it is still a strong book. The story beings slowly for a Heinlein book but quickly picks up the pace and from there never stops.

As is usually the case with Heinlein's incredibly interconnected works I find that I have to read another one of his books, Stranger in a Strange Land, to fully appreciate it - which is fine by me as I've yet to be disappointed. 

If you're interested in this book then you'll find a lot of the foundational elements for his final series of books that culminates with To Sail Beyond the Sunset (which is also in my reading queue). Here you find the first appearance of the Howard Families, Lazarus Long, and the groundwork for many of his ideas of the World as Myth. 

Well worth reading.

Four grown men in diapers sucking a pacifier out of five.


  1. Dear Sir:

    I am shocked and horrified that you are reading the foul and disgusting so-called 'literary works' of a known misogynistic bigot who is well-known in politically-correct fannish circles as being an awful and wicked person! All properly-thinking fans shun this person's books, and I will be calling for a boycott of your vile little corner of the Internet in protest to your promotion of such hateful and foul trash.

    Yours, sincerely,

    Brigadier (Mrs.) Wombat-Smythe-Jones, deceased

    [This feeble attempt at satire was brought to you by me, with grateful thanks to the Monty Pythons.]

    [I knew Bob and Ginny, and they were pretty cool people. Bob's gotten some bad press from some elements of fandom of late, and I think that's too bad. His works are often hard to get one's head around, but I always thought that it was worth it...

    - chirine]

  2. Heinlein is one of my five preferred writers of sci-fi. Stranger in a Strange Land is worth the reading.

  3. Heinlein is great a lot of the time (Stranger in a strange land was awesome, at least I thought so as a high school student) but also gets a little preachy in some of his books. I did find Glory Road a little disturbing, and wouldn't recommend that one so highly even though parts are quite good. He does seem to be a bit of a polarizing figure.


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