Saturday, August 16, 2014

Living in 3/4th Time

I'm working on an essay that I'm going to be submitting to be published on another blog and I had this incredibly, terrible idea that I would love to work on. I want to do a four part series with three other bloggers where all four of us write on a single topic. The way I envision it working is that all four bloggers get together and discuss their topic. Then each would be assigned an aspect of that topic and would go off and write alone. After each is finishes they compare their essays and work on integrating each of them together so that there is a seamless flow between them.

I know it's similar to the blog carnival stuff, but I like this idea better because you're not dealing with such a disjointed affair. It sounds fun to me, Holmes.


  1. I like it. Maybe people stormed you already and all seats are taken, but I would be down for something like this. As long as it's on a weekend :)

    Allons-y! and all that.

    1. I'm going to be getting everyone together on Google+ so we can talk about what we're going to be doing in a private way that won't spoil our hand before we're ready to publish. You're more than welcome to join us!

    2. You know what? You're right. I should open the gates of g+ and get involved. Don't know if there's enough time left to join this action, but it'll be easier in the future. You'll be the first to get an invitation as soon as I've prepared my g+ profile (problem so far was that I could have an anonymous avatar with my google account for blogger, but it didn't translate the other way around, so I couldn't have a g+ account for my blogger avatar ... Anyway, I'll get it done this weekend).

  2. I love any thing that brings bloggers together, looking forward to the results!


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