Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Artfest: Aros by Frank Frazetta

Aros by Frank Frazetta

Aros was painted in 1967 and it typifies why I like these early works of Frazetta's. There's just something so raw and evocative in these works as each piece seems to move on its own and have a world of life hinted at with each masterful stroke of his brush.

Unlike previous works in Friday Frazetta Series, this one is notable for its simplicity of design. The defiant woman staring up towards the heavens with the hint of a smile on her face is typical of the Frazetta style with her muscular body and miniscule clothing. The gigantic python worming its way through the murky water leaves you with the impression that death is imminent, and yet her body posture and attitude seem to convey a wild sense of defiance that someone who has given themselves up to fate could only hope to possess.

If you'd like to purchase a print of this picture you can pick one up for $15 from Frazettas Prints 4u or you can purchase a totally legit oil painting of Aros ranging in price from $75 - $396 from Aliexpress. Honestly, neither of those options really seems all that legit kids, but they may be the only way you'll have of getting a copy of this painting.

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