Sunday, April 10, 2016

Ain't that a Kick to the Head

I know that some long time readers might be wondering if I've abandoned Dyvers since I haven't been posting here very much lately; rest assured, I have not. The thing is that a lot of the things I've been interested in talking about mostly involve me saying that they're bullshit and not really wanting to debate or discuss my opinion on the matters. +Alexis Smolensk has that shit covered on the Tao of D&D and I'm not really one to follow someone else's shtick when I can do my own thing. 

I think I've got it out of my system now so I'm going to see if I can't post more often on here again. Here's hoping there are some of you out there who still find the things I write worth reading. 

-- Charlie


  1. Here's an idea that nobody else has done before: The Great Blog Roll Call of 2016. ;)

  2. It happens. So, don't feel bad about it.

  3. Looking forward to reading your future post. You're one of my favorite folks on the web, and one of my favorite reads. Don't want to loose touch.

  4. The great thing about Feedly is it tells me when there is a new post. Go silent for months? Doesn't matter. I get told when there's a new post.


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