Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Ultimate Table, for the Ultimate Fan? I Think Not.

So over on AWE me they decided to build what they're calling "The Ultimate D&D Gaming Table." Watch the video below and then we'll talk some more



Okay. So I wasn't very impressed with the table. I mean the 50" TV and tablets are really nice but the there are just a lot of little things that I don't like. Here's the run-down.


  • Sculpting on the legs is way cool.
  • 50" TV display is a good choice.
  • Tablets are a thoughtful addition.
  • The size of the table is just about right for your average group. 
  • Glass tabletop was a good choice.
  • Nice to have pull out trays for keeping books/tablets/junk off the top of the table.


  • I hate the stain
  • Don't like the choice of birch for the wood
  • Hate the laser cut ampersands; they look cheap.
  • The design on the chairs wasn't interesting and they didn't look comfortable.
  • Spray painting the really interesting sculpted legs black is a baffling choice as those things should have been fully colored to make their details pop.
  • Rolling box is very small.

What about you guys? What did you think?


  1. Rolling box being too small matters less than the fact that it isn’t a box at all! 🙂 It was hilarious the way they placed the dice on it instead of rolling the dice into it.

    Honestly, though, I always have mixed feelings about any special RPG equipment beyond dice. The purist half of me always tries to make the argument that the magic of RPGs is not needing any of that paraphernalia.

    1. "The purist half of me always tries to make the argument that the magic of RPGs is not needing any of that paraphernalia."

      There's a lot of that in me too, Robert.

  2. Most of my Gaming was done sitting on a floor in highschool / just post high school before everyone disappears into adulthood, or at people kitchen tables over the years since.
    I know there are people who do , but I would never have the space for a purpose built table of that size. I have a dining room table that works just fine for RPG's.

    1. I'm with you Mark. Honestly though, the house they showed him playing in looked a bit like the boy had more money than he knew how to spend.

      Also, am I the only person who never played RPGs until they were in their mid-twenties?

    2. Mark: I’m sure he doesn’t have space for it either after his wife saw him say it is better than the birth of his child. He may be living under that table now. :)

      Charles: When he said he’d been playing for 20 years, I said, “cute”. :)

      Seriously, though, my partner hadn’t played until she met me in her 40s. And now I’m afraid that if we were to ever split up I’d have to fight her for custody of my gaming group! And between us we introduced four other 20+ year-old people to the hobby. I—for one—am doing my best to ensure you are not alone.

      But among people who have blogs dedicated to the hobby, you may indeed be a late-bloomer. :)

    3. I started young, but my mid 20's were probably when I played the most organised D&D.

  3. I'd be too afraid to use it (or let certain players or children near it) lest it get damaged. I'd probably end up going back to my regular tables.

  4. The tablets seem like an unnecessary distraction. But my main issue would be that there is only room for 5 players. That's usually enough for my group but some of our best campaigns had 6, 7, or more players besides the DM (my practical limit tho as
    dm is 7). Love the drawers though, in principle, since they'd give you room for books and papers.

  5. Um, all right. I built my own table, to suit the kind of games I like to run for people; it fits in the game room nicely, and my scenery and terrain works well. I added a vertical extender for three-dimensional games, and that's gone over quite well too. Already had the 50" in the room, though. So, I dunno; you like what you like, I guess...


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