Tuesday, September 17, 2013

30 Day Dungeons and Dragons Challenge, Day 17 Part 2: Vermin

I think that the Fire Beetle is just spectacular.

As a Dungeons and Dragons creature it's rather small and unassuming, until you realize that the little bastard could help you see in a fucking dungeon for 1d6 days. That's better than any lantern, magical spell, feat, or alchemical rod!

Just by having this little creature you gain a huge advantage over others in the dungeon. Now it's only a 10 ft illumination but imagine if you're a wizard who has one as a companion, or if you're a ranger who has tamed, and trained a group of them for use in the dungeon. Or if you're a fighter who has a jar filled with the fuckers just so that you can crush their glow glands on some helpless goblin and send him out in front of you in the dungeon to watch all his friends use him for target practice.

Yeah, that last one's the best.

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