Friday, September 6, 2013

30 Day Dungeons and Dragons Challenge, Day 5: Favorite Dice

When I first started playing Dungeons and Dragons I was really big on having sets of dice that all matched, and for a long time I held to that little eccentricity. Then over time I just, sort of, let go. I started taking the best dice from each of my sets and cobbling together a Frankenstein set.

The d6 on the right is a rock steady die. It rolls 3 and 4 more than 1 and 6 but I like knowing that I can count on it to stand by me and provide me with a decent amount of damage. The d8 by comparison is just a throw in because I tend to roll very high with all my d8s. Always have been partial to them.

Interesting story about the d10s and the d4, I naturally rolled them that way when I was dropping the dice out for the picture. I love good dice and those three have been my standards for five years. The d10 on the left actually helped me kill three of Neverwas' favorite characters.

What a good fucking die.

The speckled d20 with yellow numbers is my stand-by d20. It's held me up on nights when all my others abandoned me. When I rolled 40 natural 1s in a row with 40 different d20s; when I was down to my last save versus the Entropic Reaper (from Libris Mortis: The Book of the Undead, pg. 98); and when my wife's cat ate all my other d20s. It's a solid die that stays in my games even when I don't need it.

Then we come to my two favorite dice in my set, the Death Dice and the Standard Bearer. I found the Death Dice on the first night that I ever ran a Dungeons and Dragons game. It was there all alone in the back of Elton's Lifetime Loser Lounge - a single d6 abandoned by its master. Naturally I picked it up and used it that very night. With nothing but a single kobold and a morning star the Death Dice dropped three players in a row. I've kept it ever since rubbing it for luck during important rolls and letting it loose to deal the damage it begs to unleash.

The Standard Bearer was from the very first set I ever bought. He's not the last of his brethren, but he's never left my side. He'll roll high as often as he rolls low but no matter what the cost to my sanity I still use him. I still lay him out first when it's time to play and though the stand-by will guide me through in a pinch, the Standard Bearer will make me remember him.


Just a note on the lateness of this post. I had it saved to publish on the 5th but Blogger ate it.

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