Friday, September 13, 2013

30 Day Dungeons and Dragons Challenge, Day 13: The Best Traps of Mice and Men . . .

Kid Icarus contemplating his next move
Kid Icarus was playing a character named Caster the Trap Master and he, along with seven other players, were exploring a vampire's villa. For several hours the group had been split up with Caster and Tik the Barbarian in one group and everyone else with Step-up's rogue Andrea.

Now Andrea had encountered a rather complex door trap early that evening which involved a Gelatinous Cube suspended in a tiny hole above the door handle and best she could determine there was no way she could prevent the Ooze from exploding out of the hole. So, with the help of her group, she removed the door from the wall and with great care laid it against the railing of the second story walkway. The trap did not trigger and the group went on with their explorations.

For several hours each group continued exploring the villa before they rejoined one and another during a confrontation with the Vampire. This fight was long, bloody, and ended with the deaths of two of the group. At this time the house began to flood with blood. The party picked up their dead and raced out of the building crossing paths with the door. Everyone went over and under the door without hesitation - everyone that is except Caster the Trap Master.

Caster stopped what he was doing and began to examine the trap. From below he could hear the party working on the door. Andrea was unconscious and their only cleric had died so Tik and Ogre were hacking away at the thick, thick oak door. Still the trap intrigued him. So he attempted to remove it, and the door handle with the trap.

I can still remember the look on Baby Momma's face as Kid Icarus rolled a natural 1!


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    1. I did! I cried from laughing because it was the funniest thing I've seen in years!


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