Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cookie Jar by post world games

cookie jar is a game of wild accusations and denials that begs for you to play it while at a bar drinking heavily of the latest dark beer to go on tap. 

Play begins when one player, it doesn't really matter who so long as one person starts, accuses another of some imaginary crime or indiscretion; from there the accused must come up with a clever alibi or be forced into the position of confessor. When no sufficient alibi can be found, or the accused player runs out of dice, the game is over and the last player accused is the loser, while the last accuser is the winner.

A simple game, with simple mechanics.

Now there are a few caveats with this game. First the game requires that have fifteen dice to pay for your actions during the game, but they are essentially meaningless to the game's play. You could just as easily play with poker chips, rocks, pretzels, or even the loose change in your pockets all of which would be far more convenient than lugging around all the dice necessary for play. Additionally this is not a game for everyone. You need to know going in to this game that you're playing with people who will not cross the line of a fantasy game and move it into the world of real crimes and indiscretions. The final problem I have with this game comes from the writing style. The author, jim pinto, has written what is an incredibly fun game that can be played most everywhere and yet it has this sense of apathy about it that makes me ask, if you don't care about this game, why should I?

Regardless of those three issues the game is a very fun experience and can be played most anywhere with as many players as you feel comfortable bringing along. Just remember who you're playing with and enjoy a game filled with more lies and false accusations than Clue ever hoped to have.

Overall Score

Score: 7 out of 10

If this game sounds like one you'd like then you can download it for free from the link cookie jar.

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