Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Answering Questions: What Keeps You Motivated - Mark Van Vlack

What keeps you motivated to do the things you do for your blog?

You put a good deal of work into this blog, sometimes not so fun tedious work and yet you always seem to have two or three large projects going. Whut up wit dat? Reason for asking: I am far less ambitious on my blog and even I burn out every three or four months. What stokes the furnace that is Charles? - +Mark Van Vlack
What keeps me motivated is that I set goals for my blog and push myself to get there. When I first started I just wanted to get 1 person to read me which I thought would never happen; and then +Jens D. found me (god bless him) and started commenting on my blog. So I made a new goal that I would get 25 people to follow my blog. Then 50, then 100. Each time I achieve a goal I make a new one. I'm incredibly goal oriented so doing that is a big motivator for me. Right now my goal is to get the blog up to 2,000 page views a day (I'm currently hovering right at 1,250 page views every day for the last couple of weeks).

As for the tedious stuff, like publishing my blog statistics and reading everyone for the Best Reads Series, if it wasn't fun I wouldn't do it. I like looking into things, investigating, and reading what other people are doing. It keeps my mind sharp and gets me to rethinking my own ways. Now as for things like fixing the banner and tweaking the layout I'm just never satisfied and I can't stand to have my name attached to things that I don't find up to a level I want representing me. 
Oh, and large projects are just fun - especially when you're doing them with other people that you really like and respect. 

Did that answer you question Holmes?


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