Sunday, April 26, 2015

30 hrs Left to Sign Up and Tell Us About Your Favorite Game!

The latest project is already off to an exciting start with a fantastic group of authors lining up to tell the world about their favorite games. Who's joined up so far?

The Authors and Their Games (tenative)
+Kevin Smith - Savage Worlds
+Judd Karlman - Burning Wheel
+Roger Brasslett - Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1st ed)
+Kelvin Green - Call of Cthulhu
+David Guyll - Dungeon World / 4th Edition D&D
+Ralph Lovegrove - Lace & Steel / Everway
+Adam Dickstein - Star Wars d6
+Jens D. - Hackmaster 4th Edition
+Timothy Brannan - D&D Basic (Moldva) / C. J. Carella's Witchcraft
+Phil Nicholls - HeroQuest 2
+Andrew Davis - Talislanta
+Patrick Henry Downs - Apocalypse World
+Stelios V. Perdios - Dungeon Crawl Classics
+Vb Wyrde - (Homebrew) Ethos RPG
+Mark Van Vlack - DC Heroes 3rd (Mayfaire Exponential System)
+Rod Thompson - Adventurer, Conqueror, King
+Nicholas Bergquist - Basic Roleplay
Duncan - Harnmaster (Original System)
+Richard Halpin - Rolemaster
+Travis Milam - 5th Edition D&D
+Douglas Cole - GURPS
+David McGuire - Advanced D&D (1st edition)
+Murky Master - Mage: the Ascension
+Denis McCarthy - BlueHolme
+Chris Patrick Carias Stas - Advanced D&D Second Edition
+Erik Tenkar - Swords & Wizardry
+Peter Maranci - RuneQuest
+Richard Booher - Basic D&D (Holmes)
+Zach H - Basic D&D (Holmes)
+Charles Akins - 3.5 Edition D&D 
+Rob Abrazado - 13th Age
+Noah Doyle - Risus
+Tim Shorts - Esoterrorists
+Henry “Zenvis” Bingham - Palladium Fantasy Role-Play
+David Ferguson - World of Darkness
+Sean Bircher - Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Cinematic Unisystem
+Marty Walser - Paranoia
+Gus L - White Box OD&D
+Otto Q - Castles and Crusaders
+Thaumiel Nerub - Lamentations of the Flame Princess
+Jay McCarten - Amazing Adventurers and Incredible Exploits (Homebrew)
+Mo Holkar - When the Dark is Gone
+Tim Snider - Timemaster 
+Nick Foster - 3.0 D&D

So what's this project all about?
The core idea of this project is best sumed up as "Let me tell you why I love this Game."  Now that seems like something that you could do any day of the week by doing a search online; but here's the thing: when you go searching for that game online you're going to run into some wet blanket who makes it their personal mission to tell you why that game actually sucks or you're going to see some jerk launching into a minor skermish in their lifelong edition war. 

That sucks.

With this project all of the authors are going to be writing about what they love about these games and why they're the ones that keep them coming back to role-playing. There are no edition wars and no wet blankets because after we're done posting these online they're going into a free PDF that anyone can download. The hope is that by making it free it will create a great resource for people to find their next role-playing game experience.

Why the limited time to sign up?
By keeping the sign up time limited it makes sure that I'm able to get everyone on the same page without having people joining up later and having to reexplain everything, or worse, delay the publication of the project. 

When is it going live
Late July / Early August. By giving this project that much lead time it allows for everyone to actually get it done.

How many words does it have to be?
At a minimum each article needs to be 1200 words (which is incredibly easy to do for something you love) and there is no maximum word count. 

My favorite game isn't on that list.
Then sign up now so that it can be! If you've got a blog, a G+ account, a Tumblr, or an e-mail you can join this project. Just let me know what game you'd like to represent by leaving me a comment here, on the original post, or the G+ post. Or you can hit me up on Twitter @Thatakinsboy or E-Mail me (be sure to title your e-mail "I'd like to join the Favorite Games Project").

Do I have to have a G+ account?
It really does help as it allows me to tell everything just once. But if you don't have one I need to know your e-mail address so that I can keep you in the loop.

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