Monday, April 6, 2015

The Hell Am I Eating?

My wife's grandmother is a wonderful woman. She's constantly bringing my wife anything that she thinks she can use, and often things that she's convinced that my wife needs but may never actually use (it's a bit odd when that happens). Anyway, during the ice storms that happened a while back her power was off and she just freaked out that her freezer was going to thaw so I had to rush over to her house to unload it all and shove it into my own. I tried to take it back to her several times, but she informed me that it needed to be eaten so we had best get to it. Today I opened a package that I thought was filled with ribs. It's not ribs. There's meat in it, but that's all that I can really tell you is there. All the same, it's in the slow cooker. Eight hours till I can answer the question: What the hell am I eating.


  1. Ewww ... and scary and so fun. Thanks for this post. I enjoyed reading it.

    Happy Eating.

  2. Sounds like a Stephen King story...

  3. I do hope there'll be an update to this story. I'll be checking back to see. My prediction is it's meat scraps and bones for homemade broth.

    1. God I hope you're wrong or this is going to be a very depressing supper.


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