Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Put It Behind You, Son

Over the last few weeks I've been working on a secret project which we'll call the Impossible Task. At first I assumed that I would be able to soldier through the project reading the thousands of pages required to fully complete the project in a reasonable period of time, but that was foolishness in the extreme. So instead I'm going to abandon the Impossible Task at this time and go back to focusing on the Great Blog Roll Call 2015 Edition so that I can have it up and running during the first quarter of 2015.

At this time I have 409 blogs that I am working my way through to make sure that all of their descriptions, update schedules, and authors are up to date. For some this is a simple task of seeing that the author hasn't really done much this year (twelve or so entries for the year) and quickly reading through it to ensure that the description is accurate and not whole off base in regard to what the author is now talking about. Others though . . . there are other blogs that have produced nearly a thousand entries covering a wide rage of topics and to meaningfully talk about them in a way that doesn't come across as complete bullshit requires that I do more than say, "great fucking blog here." Admittedly I could do that to provide myself with a bit of ease through this laborious project but that isn't what I want out of this whole thing. 

No one pays me to do this - though certainly if you would like to give me money I will take all of it - so for me it's a matter of pride. When people run across one of my blog roll calls I want them to be able to find new places to read and be inspired by the authors who are putting their thoughts out there for the world to either rip to shreds or praise. And I don't want to have my list filled with dead links as authors delete their blogs which is why I go through each blog and make sure that it's not only still around but actually active. 

I may still release the Impossible Task but it won't be done when I wanted, and that's okay as I can work on it while I'm working on the GBRC2015. It's disappointing that I won't be able to do both when I initially wanted, but that's life. And sometimes the only thing you can do with things you aren't happy about is put them behind you and move on. 


  1. Don't consider mine dead. It has just been a rough college semester.


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