Wednesday, July 15, 2015

For the Moment

There are times when i feel like my heels are spinning and everything is out of my control; that there are no outcomes possible where I am not failing at everything that I want to do with my life; that I have let down everyone who depends on me. The don't last long, usually a day or two, but when they come along it is absolutely soul crushing in how it causes me to feel.

Today is one of those days.

So instead of focusing on how terrible I feel I want to take a moment and tell you all that I really appreciate all of you for coming by and reading me, still. It's one of those things that just keeps me balanced when everything else is threatening to overwhelm me and send me spiraling down into the depths of depression.

Okay, enough whining from me. Instead it's time for me to take a step outside and get some light. Maybe recharge the batteries for a while in front of a pond with a six pack and a beautiful woman yelling at our son, "No you cannot put the frog on the electric fence!"


  1. Yeah those days are crap. I have them sometimes. Sometimes they're weeks, or months, but it's all the same. The good thing is that they pass.

  2. I recommend cycling. There are very few problems in this life that a decent day in the bike can't fix on a short-term basis.

  3. I've been having a few days like this as well lately.

    Part of it is my work schedule. Part of its is just being in a "holding pattern" until my new job starts in August. I'm just tired of being tired.

    My solution: I just do the best I can--when I feel like it. If not, I take a nap, watch a movie, or read something inspirational.

    I look forward to reading your blog--and if you have to take a break to fix the computer problems or deal with other tribulations in life, that's okay too.

  4. I think every creative minded person goes through those days / weeks. Like has been said here already, keep in mind it will pass and you'll be right back to plugging away at the good stuff in no time.


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