Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Should There Be a Coherent Theme to Dyvers?

Since I first began this blog nearly four years ago I've kind of been an eclectic read. Sure I've come back to my primary topic, Greyhawk, time and time again, but I wouldn't exactly say that Dyvers has been a particularly focused blog. I've run series on art, the best reads from across the blog-o-sphere, great blog roll calls, actual play write-ups, game theory, rebuttals to other blogs, video game reviews, book reviews, role-playing game reviews, and in general just been a bit all over the place. Lately though I find myself wondering if I shouldn't theme the blog better. Run a month on one large topic exploring the various subtopics attached to it? 

I don't know, would you all get bored if Dyvers started running month long series? Do you even like it when I write a series of posts?

You guys have been such an incredibly big part of Dyvers over the last four years that I want to know what you think. What excites you on the blog? Is it when I write titles that amuse me, or do you prefer the ones I've been doing lately where I'm a bit more (accurately) descriptive of what is actually happening in the blog?


  1. I like eclectic, personally.

  2. You have developed a following being eclectic and doing what you do. However, it's your blog do what inspires you...I mean look at my blog...
    please ...
    someone has to...
    It's so quiet and cold.

    All kidding aside, go with what stokes your creativity.

    1. "It's so quiet and cold."

      Dude, that made me snort tea out my nose!

  3. Sometimes, you just want to talk about something . . . different. I find that in my own case as well. You need to do what makes you happy and write about what interest you at that moment. If that should prove to be staying "focused" for a month at a time, do it. If not, then "do" that too.

  4. Your coherent theme should be writing what you want, when you want.

    1. What Chris C. said. I love that you just do what you want, it's all great. Anyway, it's your blog, have your way with it.

  5. This is what brought me here back in the day: The reviews and commentary you posted about the "dyvers" gaming blogs you read. This culminated in "The Great Blog Roll Call" which, for me, was a huge "unite the clans" moment.

    You reviewed lots of great content and blogs I never would have found.

    And then you'd post your own "dyvers" content.

    That's my two cents anyway.


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