Monday, July 31, 2017

The Numenera Bundle of Holding is Pretty Boss, Kids

Last night I was wandering about the net when I discovered that Monte Cook Games has released two Bundles of Holding featuring their Numenera stuff. Now if you're like me, and a cheap bastard, then this is a really exciting time for you when it comes to the Numenera stuff because Monte Cook Games puts out a quality product and they know it. So an opportunity like this, where you can pick up a lot of the Numenera product on the cheap, is really worth checking out. 

Right now there are two bundles available: Numenera EVERYTHING YOU NEED for adventure across the Ninth World and Numenera +2 - Ninth World Discovery TORMENT, CHARACTER OPTIONS, INTO THE DEEP, and many recent supplements. Of the two sets I think that I'm most likely to pick up the first one as it has all the items I've been looking at for less than $10 which is excellent. The other one though is tempting. 

Anyway, you've got a limited amount of time available to you to purchase either of these sets with Numenera EVERYTHING YOU NEED for adventure across the Ninth World having about 14 days left before it disappears and Numenera +2 - Ninth World Discovery TORMENT, CHARACTER OPTIONS, INTO THE DEEP, and many recent supplements also having 14 days. At the end of that period this deal is done. So don't hesitate too long as the minimum purchase for the full packages tend to increase over time.

Also, 10% of your payments for these packages will be going to Human Rights Watch which is a pretty solid place to see your money going as these are the people trying to make sure we're not all out there being complete monsters to each other. If you like the work they're doing and would just like to donate the full amount you would have been using to purchase the Numenera bundles you can click this link to make a direct donation to them

Have a good day, kids, and don't be shitty to each other. You're better than that.

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