Sunday, February 4, 2018

January 2018 in Review

So January is over and I'd like to talk a little bit about how it went because that's what I want to do today. Creatively the month was okay. It started strong but the last two weeks kind of fell off. I've got some things I'm working on for this month so if everything goes as planned this should be a stronger month.

Page view wise this last month was very good. I saw an overall increase of 72,462 page views and nearly 4,000 unique visitors hitting the page throughout the month. I'm seeing about 46% return visitors which tells me that the way I'm writing is having a better impact on my readers. In other words, people are not only reading my blog, but they're coming back and reading more over time. That's something that I've struggled with over the lifetime of the blog and it's cool that things are starting to work more in the direction that I've been hoping for over the last few years.

Let's break down the way that the blog is working over the last month with a bit more detail.

Performance of Posts Published in January 2018
Page Views      Title
128                    Welcome to 2018 and Year 5 of Dyvers
117                    The Most Viewed Posts on Dyvers of 2017
130                    2017 in Review on Dyvers
764                    A Line in the Sand for One of the Oldest Settings in D&D
398                    Reader Mail: Where Would You Start an Adventure in Greyhawk?
107                    1,000,000
409                    Greyhawk as a Post Apocalyptic World
206                    The Book Shelf: Sumerian Mythology by Samuel Noah Kramer
598                     I Don't Believe in the Session Zero
339                     Pre-Written Adventures and Me
392                     Magic in 5e D&D is too Easy
146                    A Research List

Most Viewed Posts of January 2018
Page Views     Title
4,600              The Great Blog Roll Call
1,485              The Great Blog Roll Call 2014!      
570                 I Don't Believe in Session Zero
392                  Magic in 5e D&D is too Easy
323                  Pre-Written Adventures and Me
197                  Some notes on the Great Blog Roll Call
179                  A Line in the Sand for One of the Oldest Settings in D&D
174                  The Book Shelf: Sumerian Mythology by Samuel Noah Kramer
164                  Let's Talk About the Meatgrinder Mode for a Bit
146                  A Research List

Bold post were published in January

Blog Earnings: $1.22 in the January. Essentially this represents a doubling of earnings over the previous month. Thank you to everyone who clicked on a link. I can now buy two lotto tickets off Google AdSense earnings.

At this rate I’ll be able to buy three next month and that’s fucking cool!

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