Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Somehow I'm Getting Ready to Run Two Campaigns for Two Groups of Novices.

So in the last two weeks I've been approached by two separate groups of my friends looking for someone to run D&D for them. One group is going to be all the ladies and will consist of my Wife, our friends R and C - who have not yet met but I think will like each other. The other group involves my friends W and B and a whole passel of their homies. Other than my wife and R not one of these fuckers has played Dungeons & Dragons (or any other role-playing game for that matter).

Kids I am fucking stoked. 

I know a lot of Game Masters aren't really all that excited to run for new players but I think it's fucking boss. There's nothing like seeing someone break that barrier between believing that you're only allowed to do so much and the realization that the only thing you can't attempt to do are the things you can't imagine doing. 

I want so desperately to do them a solid and rock their fucking faces off. 

I'm only really nervous about the group with W and B because they haven't got an experience player to show them the ropes. They're literally standing on virgin soil trying to figure out if how the fuck to open a coconut for the first time in history. That's fucking exciting shit right there!

Do you remember that moment when you're sitting in your den and suddenly it clicked for the first time? That you could do anything your imagination would let you do and the only thing holding you back was a dice? God I'm so excited for these cats! They're about to get to experience one of the best moments in gaming for the first time and all I have to do is give them the right nudge and let them run! 


Ah, shit. I need to figure out what I'm going to run.

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  1. Yay! Hurray for you and your groups!

    I love GMing for newbies, often more than for old veterans. Rookies have yet to become highly opinionated stick-in-the-muds, stuck in a certain way of gaming and unable to conceive of anything else. Give me the player who isn't fussy, and full of rules-lawyer-ness anytime.

    Good luck!


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