Monday, March 30, 2015

Have I Been Added to Sombody's a List?

Strange things happening in my blog traffic reports over the last few days. First I'm getting a ridiculous amount of traffic from Google and now I'm seeing a crap ton from a "Do Not Link" site. The Google thing doesn't bother me but the "Do Not Link" thing makes me wonder what terrible thing I've said that someone feels they can't just come directly to me. Have I insulted someone's mother by talking about killing Ogres? Did I set someone's loins on fire when I talked about my evil campaign? Do I really care or am I just tired?

Hard to answer any of those questions I think. 

Seriously though, I'd love to know why this traffic is happening lately. It's like a little mystery that I've stumbled across and have no knowledge what comes next. Any ideas out there?


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