Thursday, March 5, 2015

It Begins with a Murder.

December 16, 2568

I promised you that when I got here I would keep my nose clean and I tried; really I did. But you know how these things happen. One minute you're arguing with a prostitute about the price of a handjob and the next she's screaming her head off because there's a dead body on your doorstep. It was a grisly affair; not as bad as that time in Oakland when we had to deal with that cartel hit, but close. Real close.

Of course I had to call it in. Then there were the same damned questions they always ask. Did you know the victim? Why were you coming home so late? How long have you know the lady you're with? Do you really think it's appropriate to be picking up hookers, Father Jones?

Christ, it gets boring going through this over and over again.

There's more here than just some crazed psychopath trying to send me a message. I keep feeling that there's eyes on me and I swear there's someone following me. I need an extra pair of eyes and a steady gun I can count on. I need you John.

-- Fr. Micheal Jones

February 7, 2569

John, it's Mike. 

Another body's been found. Father Hughes found her on the steps . . . God, she had so many needles sticking out of her that she looked like a porcupine. The look on her face . . . John I know you said that you didn't need another murder but this bastard's got a hard on for the church. You've got get her before he strikes again.

Call me.

March 3, 2569
John - 

It's him. I saw him on Commerce near that coffee shop you like. He was just standing across the street looking at me. Christ Almighty! He's alive and the bastard is here! Get here now!

- Mike

March 4, 2569
Phone call

MALE VOICE: (groggy) Hello?

DETECTIVE MICOL: Mr. Williams, this is Detective Micol. I've got some bad news.

MALE VOICE: I don't know who you are or how you got this number but -

DETECTIVE MICOL: Father Micheal was found dead this morning.

MALE VOICE: . . . Go on.

DETECTIVE MICOL: First I need to make sure that this is John Williams. Can you confirm your identity?

MALE VOICE: Interesting . . .


What's interesting?

Are you there?

- - - - CALL ENDED - - - -

March 10, 2569
Channel 9, CBC News Broadcast (local)

According to police the attack began at four this morning when a series of twelve explosions rocked Ninth Avenue. When first responders reported to the scene they came under gunfire. Seven emergency personnel were killed and five more were seriously wounded. SWAT was called and when they arrived initially four of their officers were shot with what police are describing as high caliber sniper rounds. As the remaining SWAT members retreated three more where killed. 

Police have surrounded the area and are attempting to locate the assailant but so far have been unable to do so. Michelle Williams reporting live from the scene.

April 3, 2569
CBC National News Broadcast

This morning President Li surrounded the city of Nashville, Tennessee with troops in the hopes that they might be able to contain the violence there. 

As you'll recall last week the Governor of Tennessee sent the National Guard in to restore order. Casualties have been high and combat has been happening so rapidly that it's nearly impossible to keep up with them. At last count more than 5,000 guardsmen have lost their lives and nearly triple that many have been wounded.

Things are continuing to deteriorate at an alarming rate . . .

April 3, 2569
Diary Entry of John Williams


Fuck you for all of this.

- John.

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