Monday, March 2, 2015

Winter Can Bite Me

Thursday evening I got a phone call from my wife's grandmother that began with her a bit frantic and ended with her crying. Her power has been off for nearly two weeks and just when it seemed like she was about to have some relief they had to cut it off because the power lines coming into her home were being crimped something terrible. Off we head up the mountain to see if there's anything we can do to make her life a bit better. 

The next morning we're on our way back to the house and find out that a tree limb has fallen from the Tulip Poplar and has smashed our satellite internet (which we have because there are no other options). So here I am trying to get it repaired when I get a call from one of my players and closest friends, Biggboy, who's telling me that they just had all the water shut down in the county because the lines are leaking so much that it's flooding a couple of intersections. He hasn't had power in two weeks either because the snow and ice has hit the mountain like a tornado only the damage is far worse and he can't leave because his Dad threw his back out trying to help his Mom in the door. We're talking about ways to get him some relief because when you're the primary caregiver for your parents there are no days off and the snow has meant that there aren't any chances for him to get away when my son decides that it's a great time to go running outside in his diaper and gloves. Because god-damn-it, that's what big boys do!

Anger By Tuhin

I tried to do the Friday Artfest but the Blogger App is about as useful as taking a nail and driving it into your dick. Only the nail would give you something to enjoy as the the App would just delete everything you've spent the last two hours trying to type out on a 1 1/2" screen. Oh, and then I spent three fucking hours working on the Best Reads before I gave up and it published it when it told me it saved it instead. Stupid fucking app.

Anyway, they got the satellite fixed this morning so here's hoping that we don't have another fucking storm that knocks it out again.


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