Sunday, July 21, 2013

So It Begins (Updated 9/24/2014)

Let me tell you a story. 

In the beginning there were people who didn't like doing things the way that they had been told they were to be done. These men gathered in their basements for games with miniature figurines to reenact the great battles of history while smoking cigars and drinking beer. Their wives, fine and patient women, went about their lives ignoring that fact that their husbands were vehemently arguing about battles that had been decided hundreds of years ago and instead drank lots of wine and wondered what it would be like to leave their husbands and join a nice art community in the Southwest.

As time went on these men in the basement found that playing out battles that had already been decided was a boring enterprise. Instead it was time that they began to make up their own armies that waged war against one and another. Rules were written and published. Of course since these men were not the sort to do things exactly as they were told things began to change. The battles went from being the big, sprawling affairs where a player controlled dozens of figurines to a single figurine exploring the wider world on their own. In that way Dungeons and Dragons was born.

Now as the years progressed the game went through multiple iterations with an ever increasing crop of players who often clung to their favorite version of the game - some even going so far as to proclaim that they had found the one, true way to play. This blog isn't for those people.

This blog is for me to get out all the thoughts that have been bouncing about my head for the last ten years without driving my wife completely crazy. It's more than that, though. This blog is a place for me to stretch my creative muscles as I attempt to become better at everything I do in my life. So you can expect to find short stories (poems when you're unlucky) cropping up every so often, my thoughts on how to play role-playing games, and lots more as you work your way through the ever expanding archive. I've got a lot of projects that I want to attempt over the coming months and years and I hope that you can enjoy more of them than not.

More later.

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