Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Dyvers Campaign Begins!

We played the first session of my new campaign on July 13, 2013. For my purposes I decided to use the Rythlondar Chronicles as a model for my campaign. I've loved the introduction page for the Rythlondar campaign for so long that I just couldn't resist following it to a certain extent. The two paragraphs have some minor differences, but for the most part they are the same as those found in the Rythlondar Chronicles. The last paragraph is my re-imagining of the area around Dyvers using some of my favorite tribes to give the world a better sense of verisimilitude. 
Welcome to the free city of Dyvers! As you are newly arrived in the free city your first task will be to secure food and lodgings. If you find yourself low on funds then there are several options available to you: the City Watch will provide free room and board for those willing to sign a three month commitment while the local monasteries are willing to provide itinerant clerics a room to sleep in and meals - provided the cleric in question helps with the daily chores; and the Sorcerer’s Guild will house transient magic-users. Each of these organizations will expect that your character will return their generosity by providing one week’s labor in return for two weeks lodging (thus you will work for the organization on alternating weeks). If, however, you would prefer not to owe any of the organizations your labors then you can find plenty of lodgings at the local inns and may even purchase a home of your own if your funds are great enough.

The City Council imposes a tax on all inhabitants at the start of every week. The rate is determined by your status at a rate of 1% of your experience point total, payable in gold. You must pay the tax even if you are receiving free room and board; failure to do so results in a violation of the Bans and will cause the City Watch to arrest you on sight. Trials are generally only held to determine the punishment for the accused. Luckily there is gainful employment available to avoid this fate should one not wish to go treasure hunting.

To the North of Dyvers, across the Att Rivers lies the Portugee Flats where the savage Crow, Cree, and Arikara nomads fiercely defend their lands and beyond the Flats mighty Furyondy, where good men and women stand against the forces of chaos and evil. To the East festers the Deadfall Moors where the Black Dragon Mishra exacts a bloody toll on those foolish enough to explore the shores of the mighty Nyr Dyv where once proud towers crumble off the shores of that unfathomably deep lake. Further still to the east is the Jewel of Oerth, Greyhawk, city of mysteries and adventure! To the South sits the Gnarly Forest where it is said that none who enter will ever return, and yet it is rumored that further south is the Wild Coast and the Pomarj where some claim that foul orcs and goblinoids have overrun the lands of man and carved out a blood soaked kingdom of their own. To the West, along the undulating Verbobonc River are the Absaroka Planes where the Kiowa natives walk through the dreams of dead gods and the tiny state of Veluna, whose beleaguered populace struggles to turn back the ever rising tide of monstrous humanoids.
When we began the night's campaign I went over the last paragraph and started them out on March 30, 579 CY. Within five minutes my wife's character, Silaqui the Elven Sorceress, had collected several rumors about expeditions into the Deadfall Moors, of a cleric of Pelor who desperately needed some adventurers to aid him, and of a recently sunken ship filled with silver ingots. Soon after my friend K's character, Paige the Gully Dwarf, had pissed off a member of the watch, Captain Renauld, and had been given a mission by the thieves guild to infiltrate the watch. Meanwhile J and T had formed a band with their characters (Simon Hillenbrand and Rillen the Changeling respectively) named the Maiden's Glamor and were entertaining in the Dancing Pony tavern.

It was at this point in the evening that I expected my players to decide that money was not so good in town and that a bit of adventuring would be the righteous thing to do. I was, as is so often the case when a referee attempts to plan out the players' actions, wrong. Instead of going adventuring they changed direction and decided to set up shop in town as H's character, Yonkal Hillstrider, and Silaqui got jobs as bar maids. Simon and Rillen changed their band name to the Pillars of Lore (a far superior name I think) and got a steady gig at the Unicorn's Knob while Paige became the cook.

A fun time was had by all but the lesson I've taken out of this night is that whenever you think you have your players figured out you're already on the wrong foot.

Our next session will be on July 21, 2013.

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