Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Artfest: Inglorious Bastards (c. 2009) by Alex Pardee

Inglorious Bastards (c. 2009) by Alex Pardee

This alternative poster for the magnificent Inglorious Bastards movie is the one I wish I had in my theater when I was running it. I've always thought that Alex's work is reminiscent of Ralph Steadman's in the best possible way. It's as though he's the natural extension of where Steadman's been heading for the last few decades. 

While I think this is an absolutely beautiful poster that sets a great tone for the movie (and a somewhat accurate one) I cannot imagine that it was a good advertisement for it. The Nazi getting his throat slit has thorns coming out of him as though he were some mutated plant spreading across the earth while the eagle-man, with his Star of David emblazoned handkerchief wrapped about his clenched fist, screams a war cry has little to do with what was actually on the screen. Still, if I had found this poster it would have been up in my office and proudly displayed to anyone who ever came to visit. 

Just a beautifully, cool poster.

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