Thursday, January 30, 2014

300 and 1.

I started this blog on July 21, 2013 and as of this post I just hit my 300 and 1st post in 193 days. So a couple of things that I discovered in that time for the folks who care about this stuff (those of you who don't I'll be back with other gaming ephemera later today).

Page View Counter
As of 1:42 pm I've had 67,990 page views. I think that's pretty cool considering when I started this blog I had 1,200 views in the first month. 


Anyway, I don't know about anyone else, but the page view counter that I've been saddled with on the Blogger Dashboard resets at 7:00 pm every day. Which means that if I want to rig my page views to come out with the highest numbers possible than I need to post every night at 7:00 pm. I almost never do this because I prefer to post my first post of the day at 12:00 am so that I can keep up my daily posting schedule.

Silly I know, but I would rather keep as close to a daily schedule as possible right now because it keeps me writing. And because I'm writing so much I'm getting better at it - not good enough to be Hemmingway but good enough to drink in the same, very, large bar that covers the coast of Key West. Perhaps if I practice enough I might even be able to get in the same room, not likely, but one can hope.

As of 1:42 pm this afternoon I've had 871 comments posted to the blog with two spam comments, and six comments deleted over time by either the authors or me when they were being trolls. By and large the majority of folks who have left comments have been really cool and I thank all of you who have come by to offer your thoughts, suggestions, praise, and criticisms.  

 HTML for the Loss?
When I first started blogging back in 2000 HTML coding was the way to do everything, and in certain situations on blogger it still works today, but those situations are far and few between. Most of the problem lies squarely on my doorstep as I've failed to keep up with the current code and am about 14 years behind in how to do things. 

But I am learning. 

Moving on.
Thank you all for reading my silly, little blog and for your comments, +1s, links and reshares. I hope you all can continue to find things worth enjoying and that this thing doesn't become a boring mess of essoteric garbage. 

More later. 


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