Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Getting the Most from Your Dice

When you roll the die it's important to remember that your form matters. Like the grip of a golfer how you manipulate the die before it's cast will determine success or failure. So let's look at the three keys to a good roll. 

The Three Keys to Success

1. Ensure that your dice are properly cared for. If you're going to be rolling a die ten, twenty, thirty times a night then you have to ensure that it's in good condition. Chips, bits of dirt, and even saliva from that foul girlfriend of yours can cause the die to fail a true roll. So before each game be sure to wash your dice with a coarse cloth and cool, soapy water. Then rinse it completely under warm water. Make sure that there's plenty of time for them to dry or your rolls will fail to provide you with your desired result.

2. Always use proper form when rolling. At the table you'll find different techniques for rolling and I cannot stress this enough: most of them are wrong. A proper roll begins with the die placed in the center of your palm. Next you should lay your pinky flat against your palm and each of your remaining fingers should be loosely laid on top in a stair like fashion. Now gently shake the dice in your hand four times to ensure that it has begun to move in a random, yet controlled, manner. On the fourth shake, release the die onto the table allowing it to come to a rest. If done correctly this should produce the desired results nine out of every ten casts. 

3. Check the level and cleanliness of the table. Just as your dice should be clean to ensure a true roll so too should the table. If it's littered with the remnants of food, ejaculate, and other ephemera then you can not possibly hope for a true result. So be sure to clean it with a soft cloth and a hot, soapy water.


  1. If you don't get the joke here, then I've got nothing for you.

    1. Whats's the joke, that my table could possibly not be "If it's littered with the remnants of food, ejaculate, and other ephemera "... cause you know.. that's how we roll.

    2. And I just snorted coke out my nose again, thanks Mark!

  2. Don't forget die choice.
    If you don't succeed on at least 6 of the first 10 rolls, discard it. From then on, if it rolls three failures in a row, discard it.


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