Sunday, January 12, 2014

Get Out While You Still Can.

It’s getting harder to breathe now, so I have to be quick.

We were sent to District Q, Section 7, Block 14 to investigate the girl’s disappearance. You remember the girl don’t you?

Ah well, I guess that it doesn’t matter at this point.

We approached from the south following standard protocol but the coms were getting screwy. There was this feedback that kept coming in. Thought at first that some ham station was bleeding in on our frequency, a woman singing in Spanish . . . I was wrong of course.

Anyway, as we were moving up the street I started getting this weird feeling that something was wrong. There were no people, and that’s not unusual when we come into Low Town, but there wasn’t a sign of anyone living there for a long time. Months even. And there was that song. Over and over again looping on the channel, drowning out Lt. Thomas and everyone else.

So I’m looking over at Pilkington, and he just explodes. No flash, no collateral damage, just this loud pop like a balloon, and poof. No more Pilkington, just the red mist that used to be Pilkington.

I can hear Hernandez screaming from up ahead and I turn to see him suspended about twenty meters up in the air by this black tree branch that has broken through the concrete. There’s fucking lightening climbing up and down that tree and Hernandez is just hanging up there with his arms flailing about like some sort of rag doll.

I’m firing my plasma rifle at this thing and nothing happening to it. So Tompkins pulls out a grenade and chucks the thing at it. I can hear the grenade hit the concrete, Hernandez screaming, and then that black branch drops him and gets sucked back into the ground. Hernandez hit the ground just as the grenade blew up.

We’d made it twenty yards and already lost two of our patrol and I can’t hear anything but this Spanish gibberish in my ear so I take off my helmet and that’s when I see her. She’s standing there under the awning on my right and it’s clear she’s fucked.

Her arms are all wrong and her whole body looks like it’s been broken and put back together with a shit load of extra parts left over. And she’s got this weird smile that seems to cover too much of her face . . .

Then she starts moving with this jerking blur, spinning like a top and the songs getting louder. All the while I’m just standing there with my gun in my hand and watching her spin and this thick, slimy blood’s coming down her leg . . .

I knew I should have been pulling the trigger. I was standing there watching the ground below her start to glow and that song was going on, and on, and on. I looked over at Sgt. Cooper and he’s pulled his own eyes out, and he’s crying out, and I can’t understand a fucking word he’s saying. So I just started screaming and I pulled the trigger.

I unloaded three clips into that bitch and then threw all my grenades and she’s still going. So I bug out. I’m gone.

I set the record at Basic for the mile so I’m flying down the lane back towards the chopper and I didn’t notice them beforehand but they’re everywhere now. These creepy fucking kids with smiles that don’t touch their eyes and mouths with too many teeth. And I’m running faster than ever and I hear Johnson fall behind me and they jump on him like wild animals tearing him apart.

I, I, I just kept running. Faster and I can’t breathe but I’m running cause the alternative’s too awful to think about and that’s when I see the chopper. It’s busted, turned inside out, and so Cpt. Zook and Lt. Thomas.

I started crying and fell to the ground.

I don’t know how long they watched me as I sat there on my knees crying but when I finally looked up they’re everywhere. Hundreds of these smiling kids with too many teeth all about me, looking at me like hungry wolves, and I’m scared. And she walks up to me with these dead eyes and leans down and jerks my head back.

I know I’m going to die, but nothing happens. She’s just pulling me by my hair and I’m being flung all about. So I reach out with my hand and that’s when I realize what she’s done.

She cut my head off, and now she’s plugged me into the com system and I’m telling you all of this while she’s on her way. God forgive me because I’m just a distraction!

Get out if you can! She’s on her way! They’re all on their way! 


Inspired by the article Disturbing by Lasgunpacker, from the blog, Lasgunpacker.


  1. Disturbing doesn't even begin to cover it. Have you ever heard of Number Stations? Radio stations broadcasting voices reading out codes at random intervals and there is some really creepy stuff there (listen to the first one here). I think that would make a cool prop if you wanted to play such a situation in a RPG.

    1. I had forgotten about the Number Stations! I used to love listening to them when I was younger and drunk.

  2. Yeah... that's all sorts of messed up. In the good way?

    1. As long as it isn't in that terrible not so fresh way. ;)


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