Sunday, January 5, 2014

I Dreamed about You Last Night

I was standing on a bluff looking over the valley of our forefathers. 

The wild summer winds that bring the best storms were acting up down there, ripping up trees and flinging them about like a child in the midst of a tantrum and I could hear your voice calling out to me. The words rushed by my ears and I could feel myself getting swept away by them as the winds picked up. And I knew then that they saw me and you had been screaming at me: run, run, run!

I turned to flee back through the woods and they took me by my heels, flinging me higher than I had ever been. The world became a blanket beneath me and soon I felt myself pushed through the clouds higher, and higher still. I could feel my lungs beginning to burn as I held back my last breath and my eyes watered as I saw the blue marble that was my home flung far off in the enveloping darkness. 

My ears hurt and I could feel my hands aching. 

I bit through my lower lip, praying that I could keep the last breath in, but already I knew it was too late as I made my way through the Lord's Prayer. I tried to bring my hands up but my arms were bound by the wind. I thrashed against my bonds and knew that there was nothing I could do. 

I would die here. Far from home, away from you and all I've ever known. 

It was then, as my lungs burned hotter and my throat choked that I rolled over and fell from the bed gasping your name. 

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