Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Artfest: Astronaut by Robin F. Williams

Astronaut by Robin F. Williams

Madness is a relative term when it comes to art, but when you have the ability to capture the look of a man over the edge and down the rabbit hole you've come a long way, and this piece by Robin F. Williams shows an artist pushing beyond the boundaries of normalcy and straight on through to glory. Everything about this oil painting is magnificent. 

The vivid colors of the astronaut's helmet pop off the canvas and give them impression that he's stole some child's Easter basket. Yet what draws your attention to this piece and keeps you staring down the avenues of this madman's world are his eyes. Unlike other artist who are able to craft eyes that seem to look into you or to follow you Robin F. Williams is able to create a piece where the eye look through your outer shell and into the core of your being. 

It's as though the astronaut isn't mad but is actually beyond our understanding and has seen through this reality into another, far more palatable, reality. One where he isn't an object of scorn and derision but where he has stepped beyond the dreams and taken flight among the stars. He is a traveler from beyond waiting to take us further than we've ever been and it only our hang ups that keep us from seeing the truth.

Your thoughts?

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