Saturday, January 18, 2014

Conversations in a Game Shop

Excuse me, but I overheard you talking about playing Dungeons and Dragons and I’d really like to get your opinion about a situation going on in our game. You see we started off at thirty fifth level because it’s such a bore to have to work your way up from the lowest doldrums, and besides, who has the time?

Anyway we got into a fight with Lolth, ‘cause she’s totally a bitch, and my Halfling Warlord snatched her by the back of her hair. She was all, ‘What are you doing? I totally spent, like, five hours on that!’ and then she pulled my arms off and as she pulled off my legs I called for a time out cause you old guys were in here talking about B12 and whatever other vitamins you’re deficient in and I want to have you give a ruling on our game.

What’s that? I don’t understand why Tim would be right.

What do you mean he’s the GM? I don’t even know why I talked to you, it’s clear you don’t even know that it’s called DM.

You old guys are dumb.


  1. Yes, we are, from what I gather, I, at least, have been told as much on a number of occasions both in person and on-line.


    1. Which is such a strange thing to say because where our hobby is today is built on where we were yesterday. I don't get kids today.


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