Monday, January 6, 2014

How Did They Off Themselves?

Over at the blog Gorgonmilk the latest community project has just launched and I liked it a lot. So here's my answers.

The Set-up

How did [insert non-player character's name here] kill themselves?
example: In a fit of rage, she immolate herself using oil and a tinderbox. 

My d6 Answers

1.) Consumed with regret for their actions, they walked into the street and blew themselves up with alchemist fire as the hordes of enemy troops made their way into town. 

2.) They died by mauling after mistakenly making love to a real bear instead of their unwashed and hairy barbarian lover.

3.) Their liver exploded after entering into a seventeen day drinking contest with a half-giant named Bubble.

4.) They mistakenly drank an unfiltered bottle of troll's blood in an effort to speed up their natural healing. Unfortunately they found that their healing was not increased as the troll exploded from their stomach and clawed its way to freedom. 

5.) An owlbear ate them, and then decided that it liked the taste so much that it ate all of their family members as well.

6.) They were smote by the Toddy, god of underpants and lacy garments, after they tore his favorite pair of silken panties in two so that it could be used for bandaging.

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