Thursday, March 6, 2014

Asking for a Little Help

So I'm trying to write an introduction to my blog that's better than the one I've currently got over in the About this Blog link in the upper right of your screen. The current one sucks.

Here's the thing, I am really hitting a creative wall here and would like some help. So I'm putting it out there to you guys. How would you describe my blog? What posts do you feel are the best introduction for new readers?

Help a brother out here. 


  1. You currently have eight paragraphs, three of which are single sentences...

    Lose the first two and the 7th. Combine the remaining four into one or two more succinct paragraphs introducing yourself, why you write, and the primary focus of your blog.

    Follow this with some bullet points describing the recurring features, such as art every Friday.
    Don't bother explaining the screen layout--everyone who cares already knows what Blogger looks like. Finish w/ "Hope to see you around again" just like you do now.

    1. That would be nice if I wanted to keep the blog description I have Tom, but not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for descriptions of my blog so that I can throw some of my readers descriptions up. You know, things like, "Avoid this blog at all cost, it makes me feel funny in my pants;" or "I read this blog and laughed so hard that my boyfriend thought I'd had a fit and committed me to the psyche ward for six months - totally worth it;" or "This blog is the reason why I recommend taking away the voting rights of men everywhere."

      Clearly I'm being funny here, but I'm looking for how other people perceive my blog rather than just my own view.

  2. This blog is a creative catch-all for my overactive imagination and all things RPG including: product reviews, fiction, (you fill it in).

    I hope you enjoy,
    your name.

    It's my opinion, Charles, that brevity is powerful. TLDR is a thing for a reason. Keep it short and sweet then let the individual posts speak for themselves. A good title and a nice picture draw people in to an article, not so much the introduction of a blog. Once again it is only my opinion, I had to force myself to read the whole introduction because I found it long winded and rambling. I have a short attention span =)

    1. I agree that brevity is key. Do you need an "About This Blog" page? Why not just have a header with a 1-2 line catchphrase?

      If you do want to have a page just devoted to explaining your blog, I would pack it full of links to your best posts -- their titles should sum up the sorts of things you do!

    2. I kind of feel like I do. I mean the titles to my posts are things that make me laugh, and don't necessarily reflect the content . . . I don't know. I want to continue to grow the blog and I find that as my views continue to increase that more views are being cast on the About this Blog link than ever before.

  3. A joyous profanity laden rant. Inappropriate for all ages!

  4. "This is a blog about games. It is, moreover, about games that I like. It is also about other things, because I like those other things. Occasionally, it is about things I don't like, and why. You will either like this blog or you will not, but I hope that you do. There is nothing I will change to bring that about, though, because the world is not all about you. By the way, when you see your mother this weekend, be sure and tell her…"


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