Monday, March 24, 2014

D&D Live Game at PAX EAST: Guest Player Revealed.

This morning it was announced by the Wizards of the Coast website that the 'mystery guest' at the Live D&D game at PAX would be none other than Morgan Webb. Webb, for those of you who never had the pleasure of watching TechTV or the nails-on-the-chalkboard discomfort of suffering through G4 was the co-host of the phenomenal X-Play alongside the brilliant Adam Sessler

Webb during her tenure on the Screen Savers
During her time on X-Play Morgan Webb matured from an awkward young woman who was slowly becoming comfortable in front of the camera into the self-confident leading woman who helped keep X-Play afloat during the initial merger with G4 and even after during the long, slow dying of the last gaming channel on television. As was the case with everything at G4 things became less and less about technology and gaming and more about the superficial looks of things. 

Morgan Webb was featured in magazines, such as FHM and Maxim, where the focus was more on her petite body than on her ability to talk about games and to be involved in the intelligent discussion of a hobby she had been a major part of for the better part of a decade. As more attention was focused on her physical beauty the howling chorus of self-important fanboys came out of the woodwork to deride her for not being a "real gamer."

Webb from her FHM shoot
They attacked her for being beautiful and for her cheerful presentations on X-Play. They screamed that she was ruining a show that saw its greatest successes while she was a co-host alongside Adam Sessler. Then Sessler was fired by G4 and within a year the show itself was cancelled. 

Since the spring of 2013, when X-Play was cancelled, Webb hasn't done a lot in front of the camera. Instead she became a consultant with Blizzard and mostly kept a low profile. So it's slightly surprising that she would decide to walk into PAX and take such a high profile position. 

Webb's character for the event: Morgaen
I'm excited to see where the game goes with her involvement. If her past is any indicator of her future then this will be an enjoyable game that raging neckbeards everywhere will wail and nash over. 

I hope she kicks ass during the game. God knows she can't be any more lost then the rest of the guys.

Webb, coming to kick your ass at PAX


  1. Crazy hot and sharp as a tack. She'll be a great addition to the live D&D game.

  2. And maybe they will have her in a chainmail bikini!

    What kinda dicebag would complain about her being too attractive?

    1. The same douche bags who whine about hot girls coming to their D&D game, you know, morons.

  3. Hrm. Need to convince Morgan or Felicia to stop by the Firing Squad for an interview.

    How. How is the question. Hmmm . . .

    1. There's a pretty equal chance of getting either of them to come on from what I've seen of them. Both women are very open and interactive with their fans, but then both of them have reasons to be guarded at the same time.

      I'd tweet Morgan and ask her if she'd be interested. Hopefully she'll say yes because she's awesome.

    2. I'm not on Twitter . . . is there any other way to get in touch with her? As they say - and in this case it's definitely metaphorical - if you don't ask the girl, you don't get to dance.

    3. She used to have a blog but it looks like she deleted it. Have you searched for her on G+?


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