Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dirty Titles and Lewd Descriptions

This morning my wife started reading my blog and she asked, "What's the deal with your titles?"


"You Might Feel a Little Pressure and Other Lies Told to Me by Women? Is Dungeons and Dragons a Race Fuel, Hate Machine? I Hear You Have a Giant Problem? What is your blog even about anymore?"

Fucking great things. Have you read the descriptions I've been writing on Google+ yet?

"Oh god. Did you really have to write 'Sitting around telling old tales to friends since darkness took the river and made it a black mire beckoning us all to our deaths. Liquor brings out the worst of our stories and reminds us all of the minor sins and tragedies that make up our lives'? It sounds like you're talking about being in a suicide cult.



"There something about a sunny, lazy Sunday that gets a fellow to thinking about things he really shouldn't. Usually my wife is here and I chase her about the house annoying her with these thoughts, unfortunately for you guys and gals, she's out with the baby."

What's wrong with that one?

"You sound like you're chasing me about the house talking like a crazy person and on this one occasion I've managed to escape. Seriously? What is your blog about?

"Creeping through the Lesser Caverns of Tsjoconth you'd be forgiven for thinking that maybe those Giants don't need to die, they just need an escort to the Ball."


"Did you just make a Paris is Burning refernece on you D&D blog?"

You want to talk about Reading? Let's talk about READING!

"That's it. We're canceling Netflix."


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