Monday, March 10, 2014

On True Detective

Who knew that when and first started in Cheers and fucking Dazed and Confused that I'd be watching a show they started in and telling you all that this is the single greatest fucking show I've watched in years.

What a great show!

Best Ending!


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    1. You know it's one of the first shows in recent memory to not screw up the ending. There were no bullshit twists, no bizarre and unexplained explanations. It was just an extremely bad guy versus two good guys. What else could you ask for?

      It was perfect!

  2. I loved it. People magazine seems to think that the finale didn't explain the series obviously enough, which also counts in favor of the quality of the writing, in my not so humble opinion.

    Definitely a DVD purchase.

    1. If People Magazine is claiming something is too complicated it must mean that they're not watching reality television for the first time in years. God, they've really lowered their standards.

      "Definitely a DVD purchase."


  3. Finally had some time to sit down and watch the entire series this weekend. Before I'd only sat through the first episode.

    I must agree, truly a fantastic show. It is already on my pre-order list on Amazon. I do look forward to more episodes, as this is labeled as season 1...

    1. Oh yeah... There should be a thank you in there, had you not mentioned it I would have missed this completely.

    2. You're welcome, but you should know that the next season is supposed to have completely different detectives. I'm really interested to see who will step up to the plate to follow this year's phenomenal cast.

    3. "but you should know that the next season is supposed to have completely different detectives...."

      Awwww sunofabitch! The dynamic of those two is what really made the show.


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