Thursday, March 27, 2014

Did David A. Trampier Just Die at the Age of 59? [Updated]

Death Notice Screen Cap 3/27/2014
According to the Southern Illinoisan obituaries a David Trampier died Monday, March 24, 2014 at the age of 59. He was being seen at the Helia Heathcare in Carbondale, IL when he passed.

The age is correct for David A. Trampier, famed Wormy cartoonist and Dungeons and Dragons illustrator, and the location matches his last verified area (see Leaving You Behind, The Mysterious Vanishing Act of David A. Trampier for more). I've reached out to a couple of people who knew him but at this time I have yet to receive confirmation that this is the same man.

Here's hoping it isn't.

Thanks to JustinH for the heads up. 

[Edit -- 3/28/2014] It has been confirmed that David A. Trampier has died. According to sthorne, owner of Castle Perilous Games and Books, David suffered from a stroke several months ago and doctors had detected cancer (no word on what type) shortly before his death. What makes this all the more sad is that after years outside the hobby Trampier had agreed to appear at the Egypt Wars convention less than a month ago. 

Tom Wham!, Trampier's former brother-in-law also believes it was the same Trampier.

[Edit -- 3/28/2014] Lots of people are saying goodbye to Trampier across the web and social media. Let's say goodbye together.

End of an Era by Stefan Poag

End-of-the-week Trampier by Anthony Simeone

Trampier by Jason Zavoda 

RIP Dave Trampier by Joseph Bloch  

Tagged Trampier  by Infravisions

David Trampier, 1954 -2014 by  Christopher Helton

Dave Trampier, Wormy Artist, Passes Away by sthorne 

Trampier Passes by Morrus (EN World) 


  1. Trampier is immortal. He is going to live a lot longer than any of us.

  2. Man, this is not where I wanted my retrospective on Trampier to go. You are right, the age and location are a match. Thanks for being the bearer of bad news, I am passing it along.

    1. I don't think any of us wanted this to be a story attached to Dave.

  3. The place, age and name is right.

    If it is Tramp, I hope he's found his peace.

  4. Bummer. I always held out hope he'd come back to us. RIP DAT.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Did you submit the scoop or has EN World taken notice of your blog?

      While its sad that Trampier passed away--its also interesting the day after you tell EN World to get it together that credit you for first seeing this. Maybe they will get it together.

    2. Who's "they"? Just me and my little blog. And Charles sent me the link via G+, yes. Thanks for asking!

    3. Yes, I sent it to Morrus.

      When I saw that David had died I wanted to get the word out to as many people as possible and EN World has a huge audience. Since EN World passed on the information it got picked up by just about everyone - except for Wizards who hasn't said shit yet.

  6. Loved his stuff... It literally defined the game in the early days.

    RIP Dave

    1. He, along with Sutherland, defined Advanced for me.

  7. I always hoped he'd come back to the RPG illustration scene and finish Wormy. Seriously, I've been hoping for that for decades at this point, and now it's just never ever going to happen.

    I will most certainly raise a Troll's Choke (far be it from me to fathom the mysteries of merchandising) in the man's honor.


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