Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dungeons and Dragons News

  • Word coming form the GAMA convention is that the Starter Set is a boxed set and that it is "gorgeous" according to Morris over at EN World. 
  • Pictures haven't leaked online yet but from Twitter comments I'm seeing it should be out there soon. 
  • The three main books are confirmed 
  • Beholder will be on PH
  • There will not be the multiple PHs as existed with Fourth
  • Guiding principle has been "What would Gary and Dave do?"
  • "Live from : D&D Presentation: No edition wars. They will still print 4e until interest goes away. Do whatever rules, enjoy this story" -- I'm Board! Games twitter feed.
  • All the iconic monsters will be in the Monster Manual, unlike the Fourth Edition MM that omitted some of them for later MMs.
It's interesting that we're going with "White Box" rather than say a wood grain cardboard box or a red box to draw on the connections with previous editions. I really want to get my hands on it so that I can tell more about it at this point.


  1. What would Gary and Dave do? Keep playing older versions of D&D, I'd imagine.

    1. I think you're right on Gary, but Dave played third on occasion (though mostly he just played Blackmoor - essentially its own self-contained game under his hands).

    2. "What would Gary and Dave do" guiding principle will hold D&D back - surely.

    3. Because then they're creating a sequel. And sequel syndrome states that what comes afterwards never appears as original or good as what was before it.

    4. Ah, but there are exceptions to that rule: Godfather 2, Star Wars Episode 5, the Second Indiana Jones movie . . .

  2. "WWEGGD?" Way to throw grogtards like me a bone ... but which Gary? The one who wrote the LBBs is what we want to think it means, but I'm sure the shareholders are hoping for the EGG of the Silver age of TSR, who smacked down "competitors" and kept cranking out manuals and modules...

    5e is about the only "new" RPG product to demand my attention apart from ACKS and when I start up a new game, it will probably be one of those . Or B/X.

    1. "5e is about the only "new" RPG product to demand my attention . . ."

      Me too.

  3. I do wonder about the "starter box". Not familiar enough with either of the two they are comparing it to to know if that last point is a good or bad thing.


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