Saturday, March 1, 2014

Four Things I've Learned Today

Vampire Weekend, clearly not from the South

1.) Vampire Weekend is actually pretty rad. I first encountered them back when they released that Cousin song and while it was cool I had the mistaken impression that this was all that would ever come out of them. That was a bold faced fuck up on my part. I'm listening to them on PBS right now and shopping for tickets.

String Cheese Incident, the Power of the Beard Compels You!
2.) I have entirely too much Phish (1.36 Gigs), Grateful Dead (2.35 Gigs), Widspread Panic (815 Megs), Leftover Salmon (104 Megs), and String Cheese Incident (465 Megs) music on my computer. 319 songs and nearly a day and a half of hippy music and I haven't even started adding my concerts (I only have well over 40 of those to add) I think I might need help.

3.) My son has completely learned that when he throws a fit that I will not cave, but that his mother might. So he'll start throwing his fit and stop long enough to see if I'm caving. When he realizes that isn't happening he stomps over to his mother and throws the fit in front of her and grabs her hand so that he tell on me.

Kid's a fucking traitor, he is.

4.) There are a lot of jokes that are funny to me, but not necessarily to others. Like when +Wil McKinnee was talking about trying not to get syrup drenched fruit and I chimed in with this gem: "If you drop that syrupy fruit into a punch bowl filled with tequila, spiced rum, and Jim Bean you'll fight a bull and make love to a stop sign. Just what I've heard."

Now that shit's funny to me because I've fought a Bull drunk on Hunch Punch. Never fucked a sign; though a Buddy of mine did get tased for miming that he was being bent over by a girl's car and fellating a sign against his will. In his defense, there was alcohol involved and the girl who tased him couldn't find her pepper spray.

Man I miss college so much some days.

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