Saturday, March 1, 2014

Frustration is Another Name for Blogger

So as much as I enjoy having a blog and interacting with other bloggers there is nothing more frustrating than trying to deal with Blogger's feed reader. I've maxed out my entries and now I've having to go through deleting everybody from my regular feed and adding them over to another feed reader just so I can get through the first screen.

Fucking, fuck!


  1. Feedly. Now that Google Reader is gone, it's the only way to aggregate.

    1. That's where I'm heading. I'm just fucking pissed that I'm having to go through this entire process because I really didn't want to fool with it.

  2. I use Feedly also, but only on my iPad.

    For your whiskey, are you a rocks guy, a water guy, or a neat guy? I find it really actually depends on the type of whiskey, but some people get up on their high horse and insist that there's only "one true way."

    I'm having a Negroni right now, though. Straight up, twist of orange.

    1. It actually depends on the Whiskey involved. Currently I'm drinking a 12 year Dickel on ice with a splash of water to keep me from bull fighting.

      So far it's working.


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