Friday, March 14, 2014

Growing Pains

Just got the following comment on Google Plus and wanted to see it over here:
Umm... I am not particularly impressed with the analysis coverage in the article. It has facts I have no doubt, but the facts are not put into context.
The announcement of the D&D Next project should have immediately indicated to market analysts that these trends would take place. Consumers should be expected to hold off on purchases of existing products when a new product line with new rules is forthcoming. Moreover, the retailers should have expected no new products from the vendor for the same reasons.
It is interesting to see the stats on an academic level. But it should not be considered as major news.
Example: When Apple announces a new IPhone, sales of the previous version of the device plummet, with retailers dumping their inventories with dramatic sale pricing. -- +Allan Sitte 
My response: Sorry you're not impressed +Allan Sitte, but this wasn't a well financed article by a reporter being paid to spend hours on the subject. This was just me putting together several of the day's interesting stories in a single location so that others can get a start on it. If you'd like to change that situation though you can totally start paying me to do this and I'll put in the sort of professional effort you'd like to see.
Going back to bed now as the little boy has only allowed me three hours of sleep tonight.

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  1. Without wishing in any way to offend you, I would have advised you to sleep on it before you answer, because your response seemed a little sour. Of course this is my personal impression and that is what it's worth. ;)


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