Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Hopes, Far Flung Plans, and Questions.

Projects, projects, projects.

1. Great Blog Roll Call Redux: This continues along at an incredibly sluggish pace due to my restricted bandwidth and due to the sheer size of the damned thing. Since I published the original version of the GBRC I've read nearly 10,000 blog posts and have written up introductions to more than 300 blogs. I'm hopeful that by the time I post the Redux that I'll have been able to push that number higher, but this project is a killer. 

2.  Preparing for Fifth Edition: I wish that I could say this has been moving along swimmingly but the truth is that my creativity in this avenue has been stymied by my lack of ability to share anything publicly. One of the great things about having a blog like this is that I can put out my ideas on where I want to go with the skills or other abilities and other players will show up and leave me some really great notes on the subject. 

3. February Art Fest: Really has been going well so far. I've seen a noticeable up tick in views on these posts which is really quite cool. Comments have been fun and I love hearing about what pieces people identify with and why. Love this project and I'm so glad that others have been coming along for the ride. 

d6 Random Questions

1. Why is it that some folks seem to feel it necessary to shit on those of us who weren't around for the earlier discussions? No, I wasn't here for the great Alignment debates of '08 or for the Carcosa persecutions. So fuck off and let me talk about them without asking me why we're still talking about these things.

2. Who has the best blog out there in the blogging landscape? I'm genuinely interested in this answer because I want to see who is the considered the best and then figure out what makes them so great. Is it their writing style? The topics they cover? Their longevity? Their posting frequency? 

3. Why is ABBA in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? What about Dancing Queen screems Rock or Roll?

4. Which is the better read, The Man of Gold by M.A.R. Barker or City of Hawks by Gary Gygax? I have both and am trying to decide between the two. 

5. Over the last few years I've completely convinced myself that James M. Ward is a fucking amazing guy. Am I completely off my rocker here or is he actually that cool?

6. Has anyone ever figured out how to keep a 2 year old clean? Cause that shit's eluding me.


  1. #5 - I've met him, and sat in on a seminar he gave about writing and marketing games. yes. He's that cool. He also flirted with my wife during the seminar. So, he gets points for being a ballsy old man too.

    #6. Garden hose?

    1. I'm so glad that he's not a dick. Every time I read about him, James Ward comes across as this really cool guy I'd love to play D&D with and drink beer with, perhaps at the same time.

      And as for #6, that only works during the summer. During the winter, when the earth hates us all, it's far too cold for that. :(

  2. If you read Knights of the Dinner Table "Dancing Queen" has an absolutely hilarious connection to the strip. Besides, it tells the story of the suburban American culture of its time. It is a classic.

    City of Hawks is the restart novel of Gygax's Gord series after he left TSR. I don't think it is as good as Artifact of Evil and definitely not as good as either the anthology Night Arrant or the best of his Greyhawk tales, Sea of Death. But Gygax is a fairly so-so writer. I find Barker to be on par with Gygax so I'd say it comes down to which setting you like the best. Greyhawk or Empire of the Petal Throne.

    1. Dancing Queen still sucks even if it's attached to one of my favorite comics/magazines.

  3. #6. They can be too clean, seriously I've hheard doctors say this : most people bathe too much. Keep em clean enough they don't spread the filth or develop any rashes and everything is going to be okay.
    Feeding them seated on chickenwire over the tub is not something youth services smiles on.
    Trust me here I'm a father of 3 from 4 to 18. None of them have had their b.o. ignite or shrivelled into dust just yet.

    1. "Trust me here I'm a father of 3 from 4 to 18. None of them have had their b.o. ignite or shrivelled into dust just yet."

      That needs to be a tee shirt.

  4. #1. on a 1-3, it's becasue they honestly don't want to rehash the controversy; on a 4-6 it's the old 'harder-core-than-thou' thing you find in niches.
    #2. Cyclopeatron would have been my answer on all counts but he kind of stopped.
    #3. there are a lot of groups that don't seem to belong there
    #4. no idea
    #5. never met him but I enjoyed about 1/2 of his "Towers of adventure" boxed set. (the treasure book was a waste of space and the "map" sheets were kind of lame. Nice box though.
    On #6, the best tip I have is more about cleaning up after mealtime. Leave the peas, rice and/or noodles on the floor until they dry out (usually just a few hours) because it's a lot easier to sweep them up with a broom or vacuum than to get them with a rag (which just smashes them into the floor).


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