Thursday, February 20, 2014

February Artfest: Mindwerks by Kevin Long

Mindwerks Cover by Kevin Long
Long before I began collecting Dungeons and Dragons books I wandered in many comic book/gaming shops in search of Defenders comics, and this book was always there. The woman with the impossible bosom and that menacing smile, surrounded by those neutered, demonic clones in vats. 

For years I dreamed about that cover wondering what sort of mad game RIFTS was and what sort of strange people must play it. Every time I would wonder about those comic book/gaming shops I would pick up this book and wonder what those scientists wandering about the laboratory were thinking. Did they think that growing sexless demons was a good idea?

And why is that woman wearing a cape and holding a mechanical heart?

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  1. Yes, the artwork on the covers of the Rifts books were what drew me to the system initially. Tried playing several times, and just couldn't get the system to work for shit. Oh well.

    However, we have something else in common. I LOVED the Defenders. They were never a super-cohesive group, but their stories were so freaking awesome. Hell, even The New Defenders were a good time, with Beast, Gargoyle, Hellstorm. Jeez, that takes me back.


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