Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Point of Order

If you are dumb enough to believe that handling poisonous snakes will prove your faith in god, and that by refusing the antivenom when you get bitten furthers that goal, then you deserve to die. 

The days where the night was filled with imaginary monsters and every sneeze was a demon looking to get out are over. We build skyscrapers, iPhones, and have robots on the face of another-fucking-world now. We can actually see beyond the farthest planet and out into the vastness of space. 

We have a god-damned space station!

We have discovered evolution - and it's only a theory in the sense that gravity is just a fucking theory - climate change, and relativity. We've built nuclear bombs, leveled mountains, and peered into the depths of the sun seeing things that no man has ever dreamed. 

Yet you want to wave off the paramedic as he comes to you with the anti-venom because, "God will heal me."

Mother-fucker, God gave us minds that could think beyond the vagaries of thousand year old books and that could invent medicines, vaccines, and satellites that could traverse the solar system and beyond.

Take the fucking anti-venom you inbred, hillbilly fuckhead and stop embarrassing the human race.


  1. It's natural selection at work I guess....

    1. Less natural selection and more an embarrassment.

  2. People don't want to hear it.

    I've tried before to explain that if you believe that the Earth is only 10,000 years old, then that means that you cannot believe in dinosaurs. But that always confuses folks because pretty much everyone likes dinosaurs.

  3. I"m a bit more forgiving myself of the desire of individuals: The snake bite was God calling him back to the home office (please note subtle sarcasm).

    But I. Have no tolerance at all for folks that say science shouldn't be taught in school because it's "not in the bible"... So woodshop should be restricted to crosses and really big boats? The history of 99.999% of the people who ever were shouldn't be taught? How. About math, electronics, chenistry?
    Ignorance and faith need not be mixed together but when they are it's a special kind of stupid.


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