Sunday, October 27, 2013

Setting the Mood for Today's Art Session.

This afternoon I'm going to be working on a little art thing I've got going on and my head's been bouncing around like a ball for the past few hours trying to decide where I want to go with the project. But that isn't the sort of internal angst is a pathetic thing when it makes it onto the page.

So here's some music to express how I'm feeling about it all this morning.

First I'm all, this shit is going to be fucking amazing and I can't wait to get involved in it and start rocking it like a cool rain on a muggy day in summer.

Then I'm all, this is going to be awful and my heart's going to be all fucked up and maybe instead of sticking with this project I should just do something new.

Then I start thinking about how sometimes the best pictures are those ones that I hate and everyone else loves and I start wondering if maybe I shouldn't worry about how it all looks to me and should instead focus on how it looks to them.

After all, who cares if it looks like the inside of a cow uterus to me if everyone else loves it right?

Then I just feel like everything is all dark and filled with nothing more than a huge dose of fuck it all.

And I start thinking that maybe I should be playing Gamma World instead.

Or maybe I should just fight through it all and keep going until everything is better and not listen to all the shit going on in my head.

Then again, maybe I'm trying too hard.

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