Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where is Imbralym Skoond?

Over the last few weeks I’ve gotten really interested in the Sundering Event that is going on in the Forgotten Realms. So interested that I’m actually contemplating purchasing the Murder in Baldur's Gate: Sundering Adventure1 book from Amazon - I’d love to buy from a Friendly Local Gaming Store (F.L.G.S.) but there isn’t one within 80 miles of my town.

So, Amazon.

Anyway, this weekend I’m going to be running the Murder in Balder’s Gate Launch Encounter for my Dyvers group to see if they would like to play the entire scenario.  After all, why waste my money on a book if they’re not willing to play it?

With that in mind I have been reading the Launch Encounter. What I have found is not bad, but I think it can be better. To that end I’m going to be posting several resources on the blog to help. Already I’ve posted A Quick and Easy Crowd Mechanic that you can download as a PDF; and tonight I’m posting Where is Imbralym Skoond, a series of random tables to determine what he’s doing during this encounter. 

 You can also download them as a PDF!

If you enjoyed this resource you can find similar free resources under the Campaign Page.

Please remember that Imbralym Skoond, Duke Abdel Adrian, Rilsa Rael and Murder at Balder's Gate are the intellectual properties of Wizards of the Coast. This resource in no way attempts to take credit for, or circumvent, their claim to those intellectual properties. 


  1. Very nice! Love that guy just by looking at those tables :)

    Access to the pdf is denied, though (would either need your registration or your permission?).

    1. Whoops!

      I forgot that Google Drive sets it to private as default. It should be all better now.


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