Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What is Duke Torlin Silvershield Doing While Everything is Going Down?

Earlier this month I started preparing to run the Murder in Balder’s Gate Launch Encounter for my Dyvers group to see if they would like to play the entire scenario.  So far I've posted
A Quick and Easy Crowd Mechanic and Where is Imbralym Skood to help in the play of this encounter series. 

I designed today's resource because of two of my players: the Master Planner and the Mighty She. They're the sort of players who will notice every little thing that happens in the background of an encounter and will actively investigate the strange little happenings that are meaningless to most, but often prove pivotal in the end.  This is a tool to help Dungeon Masters with some quick responses to players who are trying to figure out where Duke Torlin Silvershield disappears off to during the assassination attempt. 

You can download these in PDF! 

If you liked this resource you can find more under the Campaigns Page.


Murder in Balder's Gate and all the characters present in this resource are the intellectual properties of Wizards of the Coast. Zu'ur is the intellectual property of M.A.R. Barker. This resource in no way attempts to take credit for, or circumvent, their claim to those intellectual properties.  

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