Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Stefan Pokorny, I'm a Fan, Sir.

Dwarven Forge is an amazing company founded by sculptor and all around groovy guy Stefan Pokorny. They have the best designed room tiles, cavern features, and set pieces for role-play games that I have ever run across. 

Little wonder too as with a little bit of research you look at some of the amazing works of art he has produced outside of Dungeons and Dragons game related materials.

Nude by Stefan Pokorny
There are some wonderful paintings and sculptures out there, but the one above is my personal favorite. There is just something so comfortable and warm about this picture. Maybe it's the look on her face or the way that she's holding the wallet or the empty bottle of beer sitting next to her. I'm unsure, but it is just a fantastic and beautiful painting.

I began writing this article after the Dwarven Forge posted a video of Stefan Pokorny running a game of Dungeons and Dragons and talking about how he created the company and what his goals for the future of the company are. Throughout the video we're given glimpses of his art, his sculptures, his maps - my god his maps are stunning - and I found myself wishing that I could hit the lottery and buy all of his set pieces.

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