Thursday, June 26, 2014

What's with Them Moving Pictures?

As some of you have no doubt noticed I added Google Adsense to the blog. I've resisted adding it for a long while as I felt like it wouldn't really be very beneficial to me. It was my brother who changed my mind.

I was showing him another blogger's work that I thought he would enjoy and he asked, "How come they have ads and you don't?"

Well because they signed up for Adsense and I haven't.

"Why not?"

Because from what I've been able to tell it won't provide me with very much money. Maybe two or three dollars a year?

"So you have an opportunity to make a couple of dollars off your blog and you'd rather leave the money sitting on the table than take it?"

I hate when he makes sense.


  1. If people get turned off by all of two ads (that are, as far as I can see, off to the side), then...oh well? It is not like you are wedging them between your posts or spamming us with popups while we are trying to read your freely available content.

    1. Well, there are three but I preferred them being on the side away from the posts. It's easier for me to avoid accidentally clicking on them and getting kicked from the system!

  2. Plus, most folks who really don't care for ads have something like Ad Block Plus. Hell, at home I have an AdTrap.

  3. It's a piece of hardware you sit somewhere between your network and your internet connection. It inspects the data flows for ads and drops the packets, blocks things, etc. Basically, an ad firewall.

    I like it because it isn't a drain on my devices and it's effective for blocking ads on our tablets and phones when they're connected over wifi at home.

  4. Great idea , If I had a bit more traffic I would do the same, Shit my blog buying me a cup of coffee? sounds fine by me.

    1. You know, completely off topic, but I miss the days when you could buy a cup of coffee for fifty cents. Hell, these days you're lucky to find one for a dollar - and they always want to add shit to it.


  5. Your content has value. By adding ads, you are merely taking advantage of your own skillset. There is nothing wrong with that and everything right. Without ads there would be no TV and no radio. And then where would we be?


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