Monday, July 21, 2014

It Can't be Just Me? Can It?

A lot of times when you see me posting on here I'm trying to figure out an answer to some question that's been bothering me lately. Tonight the question that keeps bouncing about my head is: Why do some people feel the need to go after "soft" targets rather than directly dealing with the individual who has pissed them off.

Without calling people out (because the conversation is long since done and dead) I watched as a certain blogger, Blogger A, was engaged in a conversation about misogyny when another blogger, Blogger B, came along and started accusing Blogger A of using his female friends for personal gain. The conversation went about how you'd expect at that time, but then Blogger B went out of their way to attack Blogger A's long time girlfriend.

Why? Why go out of your way to attack someone else when your problem is directly with a person you're currently dealing with? 

Let me put this another way. If my wife and her friends got all excited to be involved in a photoshoot that would draw attention not just to my own efforts but theirs as well why act like I'm using them to get the attention? Why then go out of your way to call them names and belittle their choices? 

What the fuck is wrong with some people?


  1. Most Humans only feel big when they can reduce the size of others.

    1. Yeah, you're right.

      I just don't like those dumb sons of bitches.

  2. It's the internet it's the worst place in the universe for discourse.
    People behind a keyboard sitting in the comfort and security of home, seem to loose all sense of social limits, and will do things like insult a mans wife, or girlfriend, or say he is a this or that, when if they were sitting together having a conversation it would most likely never happen.
    I will talk to any one about any subject even if we disagree, but I much prefer to do it over a good bourbon at a bar someplace than over the internet.

    1. Mmmm bourbon.

      That settles it, I'm going to get a drink.

  3. Internet does nothing but magnify an attitude inherent in the human soul and that recently, due to the loss of certain values ​​and respect in general, is increasingly taking hold.

    I'm sorry but in general I do not like the aggressive attitude, I do not like those who are not in respect to the others, for the environment and therefore for himself, I do not like those who have no values​​, he is not willing to listen and that believes it is right yell or insult just to be right.

    Surely the distance and anonymity, total or partial, which guarantees you internet does nothing but amplify these attitudes on the part of those who, basically, is already brought.

  4. I know of the discussions and blog posts/comments of which you're referring, and it's classic internet trolling. It's insanely easy to get sucked into these wars of words, especially when it gets heated enough to where one person tips the scale balance and starts attacking others that are on the periphery but are close to the person involved.

    I truly don't understand the behavior, because I was raised to speak my mind, but to never get personal when having a rational discourse of any kind. People can talk all the shit they want, hurl any insult toward me, and I won't stoop to their level. They are just words, and even though words can hurt, it is a pain easily dealt with.

    What's truly funny about this is that if the people involved were to actually meet up at a con, a bar or a restaurant, and discuss their issues, the conversations would be a thousand times more civil and full of respect. The safety and security of the internet really can bring out the worst in people, as gets demonstrated daily. I don't get it, because I am who I am, in real life as on the internet. I'm too old to get in pissing matches with people I don't truly know face to face.

  5. When are we going to see a Kickstarter for a troll shock collar?



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