Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Starship Whatsitsname

I'm running my first game of Dungeons and Dragons Basic tonight and I'm really thinking about making it a mash-up between a Metamorphosis Alpha style dungeon in space game and the Forgotten Realms. Magic would be partially a mutation effect brought on by deep space radiation; partially the ship's artificial intelligence getting bored with the normal human biology and experimenting to see what sort of mutations it could bring about within select populations; and partially the mystification of futuristic technologies by a now primitive human population that has created self-identified races that it now uses to determine tribal affiliations. Monsters would be humans who have mutated physically.

I'm not sure but I feel like the game would have to begin with the death of Elminster and then an explosion in the aft deck levels 34-56. Give the players lots to worry about . . . 

I'm in a mood today.


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  2. Weird.

    So far, you are the third person I've heard from suggesting using D&D 5E Basic for a Science-Fiction based/related game in the span of just a few days. This is strange on so many levels. Not the least of which are...

    The game has only been out a week or so.

    D&D has always been the most popular game, according to many, because Fantasy RPGs are more popular than Sci-Fi ones and vice versa. So now people want to play SF?

    I have always said, ALWAYS, that D&D doesn't feel like Fantasy to me at all. It is the least 'magical' game covering medieval fantasy I have encountered. Hmmm. Is it finally becoming apparent to others? It only took 40 years...

    Teasing a bit, but also noticing a very curious thing occurring.

    What's your take on it Charles?

    1. For me it's that I just love Metamorphosis Alpha and have always been looking for a way to easily use that setting. 5e makes that not only possible but really easy to accomplish.

      Also, Mearls had an article out this week talking about Spelljammer and making fighting in space something worth doing. That could have gotten more than a few minds heading in that direction . . .


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